Avant Wins Tender to New Zone Substation

Leppington Zone Substation

Avant Constructions has just won the tender for Civil Construction to the North Leppington Zone Substation.

In a huge coup for Avant Constructions, the North Leppington ZS is a multi-million dollar construction project that will run throughout 2017 with project delivery slated for mid-2018.

Avant Constructions has been working with Endeavour Energy since the 1980’s and this project fits the companies specialisation in Major Civil and Construction work with precise tolerances.

The project itself is on a mild slope and will consist of major excavation work; both detailed and bulk, before concreting works and brick/blockwork commence!

Congratulations to the estimating team and the project team that will be working on this South-Western Sydney infrastructure project in 2017/2018!