Design & Construction

Avant Constructions is about delivering quality projects with decades of experience. Taking the client on a creative journey, from the development of their brief to the conceptual designs, all the way through to construction.

Our team prides itself in making that space come to life from concept to reality.

Design Brief

The journey, all starts off with an idea. Our experienced team will sit down with each client and go through key requirements that they wish to achieve in their space, from spatial layouts to themes, to styling, everything that will assist in creating that visually practical space. Avant Constructions with its wealth of experience surrounds itself with a strong body of consultants and contractors, all working towards growing the initial concept into their complete form, making sure the client’s needs are met taking into account design, budget and construction requirements. Avant Constructions has what it takes to deliver that quality through experience.

Scope & Quote the Project

Once the design brief concept has been accepted our team will scope, specify and quote the project requirements.

Project Realisation

On award of the project, our construction team will manage the construction process to project realisation.