Marsden Park Zone Substation

Marsden Park Zone Substation project involved the construction of a new 132/11kV zone substation and associated transform bunds, control building to hold the new 11kV switchgear, control and protection panels and feeders. The project also included landscaping, precast panel boundary security walls and driveway works.

During the project, all contractors and employees involved in Marsden Park Substation came together and worked with one another to meet the tight deadline and handover a project that would surpass the client’s expectations.

The project was a challenging build with site access difficulties and designs changes but was completed with teamwork and passion for construction from our elite project management teams.

Judges comments included, “The works were well executed with due consideration given to the access constraints and the Authorities and Energy providers demands as the project progressed”.

Category Winner:  Industrial Buildings up to $10,000,000.00