Rescue Hub and Pound Patrol Community Works

Avant Constructions have recently completed another of our community initiative projects, this time using our experience and resources to work with not-for-profit charity groups Rescue Hub and Pound Patrol.

Both organisations recently relocated their premises to Londonderry after an extensive search for a property that could cater for their canine operations.

Avant Constructions offered to help supply labour and materials to refurbish the existing dilapidated dog kennels, making them more accommodating for the organisations’ needs and allowing them to relocate their dogs quicker.

Working with both organisations throughout the project, it’s quite clear and easy to see the passion the volunteers have in rescuing and caring for dogs that would very likely be put down if not for their hard work and commitment. Since their relatively early establishment they have saved hundreds of dogs from an otherwise bleak existence and helped relocate them to new happy homes with quality of care and living conditions along the way.

Great work by our team – our 4 legged friend Crumpet agrees!

Below are the links for both Organisations if you are interested in further seeing how they help the dog community and if you would like to donate: